Why We Do What We Do

We are tired of being victims of our own justice system; paying outrageous attorney fees, and still receiving substandard service. In addition, even when we can afford an attorney, we often become victims of our attorney's greed, laziness or incompetence. Most attorneys will never be as passionate about a case as it sits, and when you factor in attorney greed plus judicial corruption, then the chances of us being satisfied with the outcome our case is far below the 50-50 ratio. So, why should we pay exorbitant fees upfront for an outcome that has a higher probability of yielding a dissatisfactory outcome than yielding a satisfactory one? Are there any other options?

Our message to the Legal Community

We have had enough! We will follow the rules of the system, but we now demand that you follow those same rules. Previouly websites would out corrupt lawyers, however, this approach is going to promote lawyers that offer a "No Win, No Fee" offer. It's only fair that we shift our focus from being anti corruption to pro honesty from solicitors and law firms. We have included a directoy at the bottom of this website that includes lawyers you should try first.


We provide benefit to pro-se litigants through our services; to the legal community by pointing out and providing solutions to corruption and inefficiencies in the system (so that you may fix them) and we provide benefit to society by facilitating an alternative for aggrieved people -- who without equal access to the law -- may take justice into their own hands -- as vigilantes. Therefore, it is in everyone's best interest that pro-se litigants be treated with respect, and fairly.


LHD Lawyers: No Win, No FeeBlank SpotBlank SpotBlank Spot

These lawyers listed above are the good guys. They all operate on a "No Win, No Fee" basis, meaning winning is in their best interest and serving you as the victim is their bread and butter.